The Project

Our Vision

Warioba Children Compassion is a project started in 2016 by me, Rioba Thomas Boke and my wife Josephine James. It is located in the country of Tanzania, Lolovono street within Arusha city.

Our vision is, that children live under conditions that help them to grow to be the best they can be, live a healthy and happy life and receive an education that help them achieve their dreams.

Rioba Thomas Boke, Founder

Our Mission

We are currently looking after 45 children and orphans who come from poor families or are street children. Four children live with us. We help the other children from morning to night by giving them food, teaching them and ensuring their safety.

Our mission is to help children in difficult environment and improve their standard of living so that their physical, psychological, emotional and social needs are satisfied.

Rioba Thomas Boke, Founder

We are the ambassadors for these children and we ensure their integral human development by being a network for organizations, companies and individuals that give them opportunities to support the children in an effective way.

Want to know more?

Go read the blog if you want to learn more about the project, the children and about our daily efforts.

You can of course contact me by email or whattsapp if you have any questions. See the contact information on the contact page where you will also find comments of other people who know me and the project already.

Want to help us?

Go to the donations page if you need more information about how donations work and for what the donations are used. Or you can go directly to the paypal money pool to donate a small sum – every little donation helps!

Perhaps you know someone who always wanted to donate. Show him this project please! Even 1 Euro every now is a big help and is easy possible and transparent with the paypal money pool.

Donating is a matter of trust, so please visit us or contact me if you ever are in Arusha, Tanzania and make yourself a picture of how we help the children.

Also please leave a message in the contact area. There are not so many comments yet, so please feel free to write one there if you know me and want to share your impression of the project with others.